Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Her Grace

She cared for me all my life,
Gave me love no matter what.
Her grace, an arabesque,
Her warmth..arcane..

The deluge of tear, she dried,
With many a loving gesture.
Her heart, she instilled,
Backed me up and made me tall.

A mystery by herself,
She is extortionate.
Perfection incarnated,
She is Christ in a woman.

Never got round to reciprocate
Everything she offered.
The affection, the caress,
My life, I owe her.

Here I lie now, uncared and unloved,
Heart bleeding, gasping for breath.
Few seconds I might live,
Mother, where are you?

Few moments we can share,
Before I'm hauled away.
Here is my chance
To tell you I love you.

Why the tear? Who's departing?
For I'd still dwell within you.
From the skies, I'd look down,
Your angel will love you.


Purab said...

Lucky mom you have!

Kavya said...

Thats the ultimate truth....*every mother is an angel...every mother is a godess*

aint_no_saint said...

Why are my eyes watery??..Absolutely beautiful poetry...
Bahot dino se ghar main andhiara tha,
Maa ne aankhain khol di Ujala ho gya..