Saturday, July 08, 2006

Get off the bench

Once, I was pointed at. My version of a theory was put away without sufficient proof. I was told I was wrong. My sole defence:

I am wrong does not mean I am wrong. It implies you do not see what I see. It means you are not seeing everything there is to be seen. I'm wrong doesn't necessarily mean I'm wrong. I am just incapable of putting the scrambled bits of truth together, to give the already found measure a new definition. There's nothing wrong with me. To prove that, I will get off the bench.

The next day, I gave the subject a deeper thought. I arrived at the conclusion that I have not done a mistake in making a mistake, in living upto being a human. Wouldn't I grow by listening to the mistake? I then realised I have earned two kinds of wisdom. One is the knowledge from experience which will make no difference to the existing world. The other is the same experience with which I can change the world. To do that, I shall get off the bench.

A second ago, I realised I am no wiser than the others around me. Did this very thought make me better?

To verify, I need to get off the bench.


Cursed Soul said...

PS: I wrote this for my creative writing class. do you think my teacher will like it? Sadly, a lot depends on a 'yes'. Like my internal marks. :(

Purab said...

To check that, you need to get off the bench. ;)

kidding! ull make it with to see u bettering in prose girl!

Karry said...

Okay, am I the only one who is confused here?:D:D

Just kidding. I guess the teacher will like it. Though, I tried, I couldnt get what YOU are getting at!!!!:D

Anyway, good creativity. Few can write like this. Very few.

Dolphin said...

i am not sure if v know each other, except that we both r in bangalore....Nice blog... =)

pranav said...

this is creativity at the max!cool blog i should say

jyothi said...

this is superb.. simply superb..

fanatika said...

you seem like a professional writer..are you?