Saturday, September 02, 2006

The wait

For aeons I wait,
At the mark that writes
Dawn from dusk,
Hope from dark,
Glee from tear,
Thee from me.

Too long a day
My love, I wait,
Bring soon the meet
Almighty I pray.

Fire, flood all around,
In panic, folks rush.
Yet, my love, I still stand,
For thee, I still wait..


Karry said...

If there was a blog on net that should be filed among the greatest in blogger, I think this blog should be one.

This poem just highlights your gift all the more, sis. Give us more! :)

Purab said...

short..good. write the next part too..what happens after the girl finds her love..

kavya said...

nice poem...but thats what every reader says:)
so, there is another part to this poem..? write that up too:)

Anonymous said...

Here I was,

All the time,

Needed a look,

from those eyes

to breathe life in me,

to awaken my spirits,

to resurrect my soul,

and take me to my love

But I couldnt scream, couldnt shout..

was a support for u my love

ur heels pierced thru my heart

n I suffer in silence

to keep u upright

standing upon me

I wait for thee, ignorant soul

To realise your folly

I believe in Christ

and so I wait..

and so I wait..

Cursed Soul said...

Christ bless,
But I know not thee,
Confounded,I run my hands
Through the haze around me
My appologies,to thee beloved
But who art thou?
Calls us, the heaven above
But where art thou?

Why the anonymity?
Reveal thyself
Long I have waited
No longer I can wait.
No longer I can wait..

Srinand said...

nice blog.....