Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Orkut's tale

You must have come across this blog through the aforementioned socializing site, thus enabling its author to casually place you in the ranks of blog hunters on Orkut, the activity being among the few eventful things that struggle to keep the site's 'charm' (I kid you) alive these days. Presenting, then, a brief piece exclusively on the long list of Orkut's messed up things and more importantly, people.

First things first. Orkut's beginning to stink. With a senior citizenish air, I'd narrate to you about times two years ago when joining Orkut was possible through invites alone. With less than 20% of today's populace, it housed a haven for intellectual discussions, interactions between activity partners, friends and purposeful communities. Long before the site's nobility was starting to be admired happened a choking population explosion! Every Tom, Dick and Bihari who got wind of the site's existence had begun Orkutting on competition, delightfully hopeful of the profile feature titled Dating (women) and their female counterparts pooh-poohing at the supposedly kewlest online gather. Thanks to their active 'participation' in thumping numbers, Orkut's server suffered from an incurable Multiple Disability Disorder.

Then came the uber-kewlies, (more popular as Fraandship Scrappers with the average Orkut woman) who chose to stay warm and cozy within the boundaries of intellectual nothingness, SMS lingo and the sole approach line 'hiiiiiiiiii wnt 2 b frnd wid u plzzz', gleeful as long as they came across enough female profiles to try their luck, a motto the author wonders is adapted from the countless Brazilians on the site. With their signature style, desperate manner and approach, they take due responsibility for most fumes and irritability on the site. Soon, other genres were born. The spamming losers, fake profile lunatics, sex starved maniacs and their female counterparts (swearing removed in final edit, after debating). More degradation of the site's purpose.

That leaves out the normal populace who cherish the true spirit of Orkutting - catching up with friends, finding long lost ones, seeking true activity partners, participating in intellectual and evolved community discussions, conversing in 'understandable lingo' if not the Queen's English and more often than not cribbing about Orkut's lost demeanour. They keep the site's purpose alive with their effortless ability to outshine the rotten eggs in all manner, a feat that deserves standing ovation on the hour. Although this section seems to grow smaller in number by the day the author's assurance stands that it will not be wiped out, for a lone harp's note imparts bliss to all heaven, masking hell's despair (yes, highly philosophical indeed :P).

PS: Edited 14 times.

PS 2: Didn't want to repeat this after most definitions. So here it is, triggered to reach out to the needy and deserving:



Govil said...

Quite to the point.

Compared to the hypocritic proclamation about the same subject by some other people, this one makes a quiet and pointed declaration.

honeydew-jia said...

All hail to the last paragraph.

Written of course, by the usual Aks Supreme. :P

Couldn't expect any less.

All hail again!

Anonymous said...

I think it is inevitable good and bad exist together. For example the Internet was developed for DOD...but soon it became public...yes,there were many negative things on the Internet but more important is the positive side. I also do not like Orkut instead facebook,but, nonetheless orkut is not that bad either.It is because of Orkut perhaps I know you and you know me .

As far as I see the future the developers will come with privacy options such as who can view your profile and what they can view .

Well I admire the usage of various words and complex grammar.And the way you made the simple subject complex .:) Keep it up.

Akshata said...

Thanks, all you people. :)

Purab said...

usual best, Aks. cheers! must say you're losing temper soon these days.. when I got to know you, you hardly had a voice :p

Purab said...

good I ditched orkut. and your whack doesnt hurt. haha. sorry for the extra comment.. occured later.

Karry said...

I know, I know. I have taken too much time to comment upon it. Thought I had make you wait. :P

The last two articles have been a definite deviation from your usual theme of writing, and automatically, the style changes. I am not saying its not good, its still brilliant, its you who is writing it, after all. :)

I guess this is what I would write, if I was not lazy, and if I was patient enough to edit my article over and over again. But I guess thats what makes you a brilliant writer. The perseverance. :)

Keep it going, sis. Your blog will always remain on my speed dial. :)

pravin said...

You mean "It wud b gr8 if u frdzzz me" doesn't work?

Gasp! However will I pick up wimmen now :(

*grin* :D

NiK said...

I think "hello. i want fraandship wid u" is a better line. :P

But don't worry. With people like you around to give a few good whacks now and then, the spirit of Orkutting will never die.

Every Tom, Dick and Bihari

Dr Who?!!! said...

which is why I moved to Facebook!!..Anyways what really bugs me is going to my common interest communities and seeing ppl there only interested in inane games and 'check out my profile '...and ignoring what the community stood in point Calvin & Hobbes Community..and curse those polls ...

Anonymous said...

Miss those good old orkut days :(

purplestorm said...


True! All of it!