Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Festive spirit

And how charming it is to get hit with a fish (in public!) amidst water-colour balloons, bhang, gulal et al! To obtain the needful, execute the following conversation with an arbit, multi-coloured eediyet (nothing racist, nay) around the premises of a certain college in Bangalore notorious for its 'extravagant' Holi celebrations. Telepathy, please.

Him: Tomato?

You: Scoot in the other direction, snot rag.

Him: Egg?

You: Scoot in the other direction, snot rag.
Him: Vokay then, happy Holi!

You: Spank you very much. Shame to you.

And then..



The side of mine shoulder still smelleth rotten. *sniff*
Mine tresses still drip purple. *grrr*
And the coward attacked me from behind before 'scooting' away quite literally, dodging a second look.

But this will not go unsettled, will it, Dowdy? The street will be stalked till thou art paid back in kind. Vengeance is sweet.


honeydew-jia said...

Holi Hai!! \[:D]/

honeydew-jia said...

Damn! That orkut smiley don't show here. :X

Akshata said...

You will hyaav to be cunning yenaf to steal them ya. :D

But its ok, :) ;) :p :D <--- these will do for now. :p

prakash said...

interesting, are ye sad that they were not directed onto thy face that u can gulp some inside to quench ur appetite?

Akshata said...

^ Aai weel keel yoo. :x

Nakki said...

Coming back to form eh..? good stuff

Arjun 'Samaadhi' Bharadwaj said...

I escaped holi :D. Those who stayed back at the hostel had their shirt torn apart and made to roll in the mud and had to jump into a tank filled with coloured water :D
Now, your experience was not sssoooo bad, was it? :P

prakash said...

arjun, ur hostel is better da, we had to have a bath in the mud water and we were thrown onto the ground, my back still has the scars. luckily my shirt stays in one piece!

and u need not try killing, me i'm already dead!

Akshata said...

^ All in good humour, friend. :p

Typical with boys. That's how it is in Mumbai and other parts of Northern India whose populace I think constitutes a greater part of your hostels. But fish.. :x

Kavya said...

lol, it never fails to amuse me, when I think of all those things that people can possibly consider as 'fun'. Diwali, followed by Holi, are the crowning glories of all Indian festivals, in that sense of speaking.

honeydew-jia said...

If Aksie knows what I'm trying to say, this is lost week ah? :D

Liar!! :P

Try Dahi Handi during Janmashthami in Bombay some time. :D

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