Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Crappy New Year

I remember looking forward to 1/1/09 on 1/1/08 while attempting to solve a numerical on Heisenberg's relation at approximately 21:00 hrs (+5:30 GMT). Even sang (that's right) to myself a little resolution.
"I swear to Lucifer to do everything that can be done to make the year all spluxoroni (don't bother looking the term up)."
The resolution lasted eleven hours.

31/12/08, 23:50 hrs (+5:30 GMT). Iron-fisted subject called Failed Theory the next morning, with a state average pass percentage nearly equal to the minimum rickshaw fare in Bengaluru. Yet I sat sipping caffeine..slow, deliberate sips, parallely adding humour to vector analytical diagrams (a memory technique which eventually did more harm than help). A new song, a new resolution. You don't want to know.

The next day, a rag flaunting eight questions ripped my will to survive.

A lunch session with Ze-Worry including awesomeawesome chocolate mousse kept chanting 'Guilty! Muhahahaha'. The incident left a scar behind, as have many others..I am now forced to wear a veil. Little human offsprings call me Ninja.


PS1: The title? Yeah I know..

PS2: $%#@%@&^%)*&!!!!!