Saturday, November 07, 2009

Out of Place

Have you ever lived an outcast's life? If affirmative, mail me now with vivid description. We can talk.

When you have been encouraged to disagree all your life, it seems suffocating to trek eighteen miles in a straight line of conservative humans starting one cloudy morning. My cloudy morning has lasted longer than two years with several indefinitely procrastinated trips to a mental health facility not far away. Soon, I might be a permanent resident in the aforementioned facility.

Mortals who knew this author in her formative years would remember her as an extrovert who wouldn't spare a moment's silence. Couldn't spare a moment's silence, rather. The trek has flipped things. She now hunches in a chair from dawn to dusk, light years away from mortals of her species, pursuing a much-detested activity that would soon be her means of eking out a living. In absolute quiet.

Every dawn, she stirs with the hope of a pleasant conversation with enjoyable company at her workplace, even if it lasts only minutes, that could kill the frustration of being compelled to pursue something she passionately disliked. A chat, a laugh..whatever.


(Had she not found a pet hamster, she wouldn't have sustained the head injury.)


Praveen said...

Heh, I is currently reminiscing my wild wild days in Seshadripuram. And it was literally a trek for me...I think I learnt wall climbing basics by travelling in bus no. 66. Hang in hang out, hang in hang out, everyday twiceaday.

You'll be out in no time.
Nice article. :)

You're finally out of hiatus! Keep writing!

Sorcerer said...

good one..
every cloud has a silver lining!!

Merin Mandanna said...

Oh my! Lets all go wheeee!

I'm giving you a call. I need it. And maybe, just maybe, it would add to those few minutes you yearn for.


Meghana Naidu said...

outcast? maybe not
a recluse

hapless abstractionist

for hope and related matters call 1800-KeepDreaming-007

Kertz said...

you are almost there... almost.

Madhurya said...

Aha!! Same pinch! :D

It seems to be the same case everywhere.. After an unsuccessful two and a half years of trying to find a sane (insane may be a better word) soul like myself, i have contented myself with threatening the director to post me as the cultural coordinator for the coll. :(

purab said...

Still a NIMHANS case eh?

Anonymous said...

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Akshata said...


Merin Mandanna said...

+1 , Aksie. :D

Prakash said...

Passionately disliked - Liked that.

Ah, so you've finally decided to post again :)
Nicely written.

Pssst.. silent waters run deep. You can take a swim and be sure you won't hit the rocks.

Shashi Kiran said...

A trek usually starts off easy. After a while you face the bloodsuckers(They ARE silent killers, leeches i mean) After some more time you're in a thick and dense forest, alone, with elephants' dung(plus the silent killers) all around. After you cross the forest there are high-grasslands doing all they can do to make the trek even more painful and awful. After SOME MORE time you reach the top. Once you Reach the top there lies the bliss. All the pain and struggle faced are made good. You're in the SEVENTH HEAVEN!

This is the trek i hope for unless there's an anti climax! I like your writing :)