Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Fun with Numbers

No math or ugh..’apti’ involved.

While most features of cellular devices remain unperturbed by a large percentage of users, phonebook is a feature that is exploited universally. This virtual register bank not only serves the purpose of associating names with cellular numbers but also acts as a nickname/rude word reminder/memory refresher list. Needless to say, the entire concept of communication would suffer a blow without this technological venture.

For years, I have remained annoyed at textual replies on the lines of ‘sry my contacts gt dltd whos dis??’ and decided to not resort to such feeble means of identity excavation when I had a blank phonebook a couple of weeks ago. A situation encountered is presented next.

Messages received during intra-college fest:

‘Hey wer ru come fast its startin now’
‘Aksie seminar hall at 2’
‘Dude dance started. Come to amphi’
‘Shal v go for treasure hunt?’

It is highly impossible to choose the best alternative with only a minute available for decision making. The following variables have to be considered: event, company soliciting my presence, distance from current location, expected crowd, availability of food and availability of air conditioning.

Can’t ask who the invite is from (against ideals), insufficient balance for several calls (to guess sender’s identity by voice recognition) and definitely can’t go without knowing who else would be there (what if you were seated alone, happy and caught the attention of a sorrow-inducing other?)

Whattodo aa? Simple.

Run down, check the list of events, participate in an individual-entry event you’re sure of winning/getting rigged in your favour.

Else, grab food/beverage/both and gather acquaintances, if any, in shouting radius. Run to terrace, find place under the water tank to watch most events.

Unfortunately, that didn’t happen with me. I toured the entire campus at 1400 hrs, sampling a few minutes of every event, parched and deprived of lunch. Do not add to my misery by seeking description of events witnessed.

Always backup/never lose your cellular contacts. People matter.

PS: Have actually started playing guessing games over SMS now. Works with some people while others think it is fun to piss me off the night before third internals. Let that backup software work..we’ll see. B-)


Nishanth said...

Sounds like fun :D

Praveen said...

A light, breezy read. Will consult you when I decide to do away with my Stone Age era phone. :P

Nakul PS said...
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Merin Mandanna said...

eeeee! Exams done with and your post to read.
What a nice day this is!

All the eating/drinking/participating makes me want to meet you. Got my number on back up? :D

Of course, loved reading the post, as always.

BIG Omi said...

haha! i would do without fonebook for an year!

Akshata said...

@ Praveen:

K530i is the way to go. Take your ugh..LPG bill to a BSNL exchange and they'll even give you a free 3G SIM for it. I don't quite get the logic though. :|

No seriously, Mom's K530i is k3w7.

@ Nakul:

Remind me who recommended the software to you because I've no patience to search 6k+ messages saved up over three years. B-)

Oh you haven't discovered its flaws yet. Will let you. :P

@ 'BIG' Omi

Oh you wouldn't want to. :)

Akshata said...

@ Chotu:

Not proud of it but I had to consult THE diary for yours. :(
Done with exams already? Even pracs? We just finished pracs today. :((

Merin Mandanna said...

Its ok, they'll be done soon. Then treat! :D

Purab said...

Smooth. :-P
I see the number of blog updates it vtu that troubles thee?

Vinay Hegde said...

Not asking who the message is from is against ideals? Strange! :D
Why though?

Karthik said...

@Vinay She has funny ideals.

My touchscreen phone stopping responding to touch, so I have lost all my contacts as well. Luckily for me, noone texts, they just call up, all I have to do is receive the call.

And ping me even if my status is busy!

Akshata said...

@ Hegde

Its a long and tedious exercise to solicit numbers over SMS, re-create lists, add birthdays of everyone. But the backup software worked and 'all izz well' now. :)

@ Karry

Touchscreen phone + no backup = serves you right.

Its bad manners to ping people with busy statuses. So I'm not doing that. :)

Akshata said...

Nobody's ideals are worth laughing at.

(@ Karthik: Not when they have a record of your dental history.) B-)

Karthik said...


My dental history is probably my best known secret. And you are saying you'd rather care about manners than talk to me? I never cared much about manners, you do know that, right? :P

Akshata said...

Yeah I know that. Very well. :P

Do you imply I shouldn't care about manners just because you don't? Yeah our conversations are informal and everything but there's no way in hell I'd disturb a person with a busy status.

Karthik said...

But when I have busy status, I am not necessarily busy. I'm just too lazy to change it back to a non busy status. Or, I am always busy, but I take time off to reply when people talk to me. That make sense?

Akshata said...

No. I choose to be stubborn just as you choose to be lazy.

Pooja said...

Bitchfight! Popcorn! Bring popcorn!

Akshata said...

No bitch_fight. He's my dear brother. :)

Prakash said...

Too bad you din't get a message about free food eh? :P

:-) One good thing about your blog, the comments are at times as interesting as the post

I wonder why the DND even exists I mean, if you don't want to be disturbed just sign out of chat or go invisible :P

Prakash said...

Er, it must've been one of the good things.

Santosh said...

Don't worry much about it. Put away the cellphone. And be happy.