Monday, June 28, 2010

Recursive function

Sing Aksie's_little_rhyme (sing)


All day I sit
Bite and chew;
Custard, jelly, fruit
And candy blue;
Cheesecake, mousse
And Black forest
Shove stress and unrest;
Dark chocolate cookies
Supplies that never cease;
Freezer full of sundae
Now tackle the goddamn Monday;

Finger chips with dip
Bagels with thyme;
When you're down and out sing
Aksie's_little_rhyme (again);


PS: First four lines of function exist on the rough work page of Friday's VTU booklet. :D


Anonymous said...
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Pooja said...

Hahah! Do you still eat like you used to?? :P :P Apparently you do.

Akshata said...

Sshh. I'm not a glutton. It was that ONE time.

Either way, 1.5 DBCs isn't much.

Pooja said...

Right. Not if it s AFTER lunch!

Pooja said...

Anyway, I like and support everything this poem stands for. :) Write more about food. Cook more food. Send it over to me. You are good. <3

Santosh said...

Those unheard-of foodstuffs...

Karthik said...

You don't have a terminating condition.:P This will go on forever eventually consuming all resources and not letting other processes run.

Akshata said...

That's the intention. :D
Or not. Ugh.

Santosh said...

Hello Ms 'Aksie',
All I can make out out of all this is, you're an interesting persona. It's by chance that I'm presently not your associate. I thought 'so what,why not here on'. It's probably gonna be nice. What do you say?

Purab said...

Frandshippers on blog! Sheesh.


Eat on, Aks.

Santosh said...

Some mortals are, and eternally will be, oblivious of wholesome relationships. Can't blame, really. God bless.

Akshata said...

@ Santosh:

Um no thanks. I have no place for people who solicit friends via blog comments.

@ Purab:

Major cake cutting coming up (Scooty's birthday today :D). Remember Popat's 18th? :)

Santosh said...

By the way, my vocation isn't soliciting friends in blog comments or otherwise. I liked your blog and I commented in the right place, I think. I know I'm not doing anything hideous, let the world know. Besides, it's challenging for me to seek the same in the flesh, seriously.

Sorcerer said...

haha..thats nice and...iam hungry again!!
gotta take a break!

Akshata said...

@ Santosh:

Keep to the point of concerned post unless you want a tall, strong man to kick your arse.

Not that I can't do it myself.

Santosh said...

This isn't far from made in India thing.

Praveen said...

Reminded me of that Devang Patel song about food. :P

Akshata said...

Which one?
Don't say. Link!

Praveen said...

There. B-)

Merin Mandanna said...

^ above comment..and of course, your poem =awesomeness! :D

Ti-ra-mi-su. <3

Akshata said...

Is that what you're looking for in the freezer? :P

Thank you. :)