Wednesday, February 16, 2011

ValEd Hour

Recent posts on this blog have lost the vibe of having been born in a shrink's office. It's probably time for such a post.


Being coerced into doing something one does not like often makes one find other outlets for creativity. In most cases, however, one succumbs to depression and passion ceases to exist. In another world, excelling in something you passionately dislike is the best validation in the world. Speaking of which,


Apparently, the weak alone seek validation from sources other than themselves. Opinions of other (and permit me to say, lesser) mortals, pleasant or not, are mere strings of words which should not make one feel better or worse at the end of the day.
That, children, is the ideal case. Every night, your last thought is of that event which was not in your favour. And this will go on forever, there’s no fighting the process of validation. The point of this paragraph is that it while it is completely fine to seek validation, what’s not fine is depending on it for a boost of self-esteem.

I am what I am.. an excuse egomaniacal souls came up with to ignore criticism. When someone suggests beneficial improvement, give an ear before quoting popular SMS forwards that ask the recipient to perform unmentionable tasks if the sender’s attitude is unacceptable.
‘I am what I am’ is only contextually applicable. One of these contexts is when you are forced to go against your ideals. Google the others and use the line wisely.

Universal Popularity

Won’t happen. I was resented for being a tad more liberal than others in a social group which led to a dramatic story..for another day. This is another context to quote the previous header and strut away to greener pastures. In the absence of such pastures, I do not know how to deal with people who dislike you yet interact with you on a regular basis. You are welcome to suggest ways.


Three years of college taught me to not expect even courtesy from most people. Calls went unreturned, as were texts and ‘friendly’ advances. This only added to the humour of character building though, because at the end of three years, people who mattered had always returned love.


These are just some things I realized (rather late), which you probably have already. If not, don’t dwell on them. Learn your own lessons.


Praveen said...

Yup, lessons keep coming by the dozen. Also, your college people are quite funny. Thought this "don't talk to that girl...she's a bad influence" stuff happened only in 5th grade. :P

Good to see you write again. :)

Raghavendra S said...

The other world you are talking about, where seeking validation by excelling in things people passionately dislike has become the widely accepted reality of today's world.

Akshata said...

See that's why I learnt the lessons late..this kind of stuff didn't happen even in fifth grade. :P

Thank you. :)

Akshata said...

@ Raghavendra:

It has, yes sir. Quite interesting (and refreshing) to witness, actually..people doing great things in fields they didn't care about earlier. Maybe that drives them to be passionate about things they do?

Merin said...

Mirror. All the way through. Could so relate to this.
"excelling in something you passionately dislike", I instantly thought of all the Alonso-bashing. :D

That aside, you're going to keep your grandkids/goldfish entertained with stories from your college days!

So good to see a new post. :)

Akshata said...

Thanks, chotu. :)
For now, I'll keep you entertained, my guinea pig. :P

Raghavendra S said...

I believe that excellence emanates out of passion that is positive; The yield of compulsive passion,in most cases is mediocre.
I might want to use a talk from Sir Ken Robinson to convey my point.

kiran said...

nice post... i still admire your writing. I learnt your lessons and am on my way to learn mine...

Akshata said...

@ Raghavendra:

The link was very inspirational..point noted!

@ Kiran:

Thank you. May the process of learning not be too hard. :)

Purab said...

Good stuff about validation....all true!

Akshata said...

Thank you. :)

Anonymous said...

This too shall pass. Here's to learning. :)

Pooja said...


Prashant said...

I agree with the last one about expecting basic courtesy. Took me 24 years of my life and one phone call affirming it. People say that you live in a "Give and Take" society. The Gita says to do your work without worrying about the fruit(results). It is very hard to do that.

Aditya said...

Lesser Mortals!
Full Big Big words :p

Agree,it's a pseudo-Practical society :(

Vikram Ravindra said...

Nice article. :)
Liked the "I am what I am" part more than anything else.

Akshatha said...

Thank you. :)