Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Blogger Clique Theory

The Blogger Clique Theory was proposed by PCH01. It states that bloggers stop blogging when they see their perceived audience (other clique member with Blogging / internetpoints clout) disappearing.

Let A, B, C and D be a group of blogger acquaintances. As long as A, B, C and D mutually interact on a regular basis, there is a constant flow of blog posts on each of their blogs. The moment A, B and C get their offer letter, frequency of respective blog posts wanes and D, with no apparent reason to stop posting stops posting.

Associated dynamics:

• If A, B, C, D are a group of bloggers, their frequency, topic, word play and nature of blogging influence each other. If they are a closely knit group, A, B, C and D will share fundae, playlist, reading list, to read list and so forth.

• If A, B, C are bloggers and D is a non-blogging common acquaintance, D will start blogging within a few months of being acquainted to A, B and C. The quality of D’s blog may be superlatively superior or exceedingly inferior to that of the other three.

• D, from the aforementioned inferior case will tend to up the frequency of blog posts, mostly to appear ‘ishtud blogger type’. D’s blog and Tweet history will then correspond. The service provider hosting several D-rated blogs would then suffer a massive blow in subsequent Google PR allotment parties. However, most Ds start on Blogger which Google already owns, explaining the detritus orbiting as you read this.

• D, from the aforementioned superior case will eventually intimidate A, B and C. There will be blog wars, with areas of contention being number of patrons, fan out of posts, flaw detection and the like. If A, B, C, D have monetized their blogs, SEO wars will be waged to gain traffic and hence AdSense revenue.

The virtual world was free from such bewilderment in circa 2006. But free speech seems to have thrived and none is gladder than I am to witness it.