Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I live to eat. Justification-

It is disheartening to witness that in five years of blogging, justice hasn’t been done to the one thing I love. Dear reader, paint me as you want post this narration..couldn’t care less. I love food, live to eat and other cliché should conclude this sentence fine.

1) This blogger travelled 60 km in Bengaluru's traffic just to taste what ToI called the perfect coffee in Bangalore. Totally worth it.

2) Post lunch, this blogger managed to polish off 1.5 DBCs at Corner House single handed (frand wanted to THROW AWAY 0.5 DBC! Such a whack this toon had never received).

3) This blogger managed to finish Fresco’s 20 layer cake in under 20 minutes. And was eager for more.

4) One Saturday, this blogger scoured most of North Bengaluru by herself for the perfect bhel puri and found it at her fifth attempt.

5) The quest for the perfect paratha is still on.

6) This blogger found the perfect Butter Masala Dosa before she was born.

7) Cuisines from most parts of the country...conquered.

8) Cuisines from most parts of the world...will be conquered soon.

9) This blogger had Maggi for breakfast, lunch and dinner for three days (nine attempts at preparation) to make the perfect Maggi variant. Mission accomplished.

10) Something similar happened with pasta a week later. Ah..adolescence.

11) A 100gm bar of 70% dark chocolate was subconsciously cleaned in under an hour (that actually aided recovery from minor illness). This was when my family began to suspect I’m crazy.

12) A pound of Hershey’s Mildly Dark vanished without trace in five days. That’s when my family concluded I’m a maniac.

13) Ask this blogger what happened to her thirteenth birthday cake. Ask. Aaaask. :D

14) This blogger’s biography will have a cliché chocoholic related title.

15) Or maybe a caffeine related one. About 400 ml of SSB is ingested on an average day. No addiction. Yet.

16) If you invited me to 'hang out', I probably came there solely for the food.

17) Quest for the perfect Jalebi, Gulab Jamun, Vada Pav and Bakarwadi still on. And I need your help on this one.

Yes, someday I’ll die of a nutrition-related illness..possibly even suffer from diabetes in a few years. Until then, it is ‘all I can eat’. :)