Friday, July 06, 2012

The Food Blog

As it turns out, people have always associated me with food and there are no two ways about it. Every meal I tuck into concludes with planning the next one. Every lunch hour begins with coaxing classmates/colleagues to take an early break, stay longer in the cafeteria and make room for dessert. Every tea break is a fancy two+ cup affair with accompaniments. Such fondness, such love I shall never have for anything else and it's er..time to make it official. So there's a dedicated food blog with its own domain and the works which will feature reviews. Product reviews predominantly, but you might end up liking them.

Apologies for blatant personal marketing but do check it out here. Or by clicking on the giant green image on the right scroll-bar which I ensured you wouldn't overlook in a hurry. Any kind of feedback will go appreciated..use the mail address on the 'Contact' page.