Monday, September 10, 2012

"Counting Starts Now. 1..2..3.."

The awesome, spectacular, and the extraordinary always happen when you least expect them. I have a knack like nobody else does for missing out on the aforementioned trio but on a recent Sunday evening, that was not the case. Now, most people who know me well also know how I feel about this person-

Elaboration: Long before the jokes were conceived, long before Rajnikanth was made a feeble meme, I had grown to admire him. To this day, no individual's charisma has managed to stir me like this man's screen presence, his absurd confidence (both on and off camera) and that perfect comic timing have. As a Bronte-Vivaldi-lover, I can think of only one basis for such fondness for a person whose on-screen antics mostly border on the crass and the ridiculous: there is something about him.

It was a hurried two-hour notice. Rajnikanth had come down to grace a venue not far away from my residence and I would be able to catch a glimpse of him if I hurried. Everything else was forgotten sooner than a drop table SQL query as I rushed for it. Now, I'm a person who takes her time with everything, be it to walk, devour dessert, or pursue the 9:30 am shuttle. Not that day, no. Fifteen years.

About two hours later, there he was, clad in white, arms folded before an idol while chants echoed all around, strict vigil maintained. He looked around once in a while, probably saw me, probably didn't. Most of you won't get—or will even go ahead to banish—what I felt like standing there. Why him, you ask. There is no answer. Celebrity mania is something I never understood nor was a part of but this was something else..much beyond the autograph-handshake-photograph-Facebook update mania. 

Barely minutes later, it was time for him to leave and surprisingly, I didn't want to be part of the group that wanted to talk to the man whose movies had made me believe in miracles..that every man's life had the faintest hope of being larger than life. Frankly, I have no idea what difference those couple of minutes made to my life but there was an undeniable sense of joy, probably because some sort of a childhood dream came true. At the end of the day, Rajnikanth is an artist I admire and now it seems like this blog post had little basis to be written. This may be one of the few moments in my overly articulate, exceedingly verbal life to cut things short and get back to watching Baba..maybe make it a movie marathon.


Karan Kamble said...

Good times, good times.

Merin said...

Woman!! *gasp*

I completely - 100 percent - get the emotion. Very happy for you. :)

Akshatha Hegde said...

Merin- still no comparison to you meeting Schumi. :)

Akshatha Hegde said...

Merin- still no comparison to you meeting Schumi. :)