Monday, March 20, 2006

The temptress

Moonlight calls,
Waves slap the rocks,
A cool breeze sweeps away my tresses.
Midnight blue sky,
Stars wink at me,
A seeming temptress, the sea..the sea..

Ah! The pleasure of solitude,
Waves scurry back, back and forth.
The surf tickles my toes.
A game of hide and seek,
Moon with the clouds.
And a drizzle to perfect
This date with the temptress.

The drizzle turns to rain
Yet I stand still,
A part of me sanguine
To merge with the rising tide,
To be carried away
To the land of no return.


merin said...

tho i didnt get the meanin of sum words,on the whole very nice gal.

Akshata (the author of this bloggie..if u remember) said...


Note : The person of voice is male.

Abhishek said...

I'm impressed!