Sunday, August 20, 2006


How do I tell you what you mean to me?

Words fail me as I see darkness combine with its twin to form light. In your presence, I refind myself. I get from you my dose of strength and inspiration, solely due to which I write this, as I close my eyes and recollect those sleepless nights I spend wondering if I hold a place in your your heart. Those days, those nights..

Again, I fear I seek too much from Christ, for a place in your world is too much to ask for.

Wouldn't you like the care you offer, concern you display to be reciprocated? Give me a chance, to God I pray..

Irate, I dwell
Within these walls of stone,
Silent,I live, silent I die.
An epitome of hope,
You are to me,
My strength, my weakness,
Nay, I do not lie.

At the end of it all, I still cannot tell you what you mean to me. Well, its your fault you are perfect. Just work out what I try to express..

Disclamier : All characters and emotions involved in the article are purely ficticious.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

More than words..

To me, you mean every dimension...

Yet your silence scares me.

I fear your silence not because it exists but because of what it may mean. You may , silently, be forming an opinion, an image of me unguided by myself. Or it may mean you are worried, occupied with something that bothers, hurts or both. My concern extended may sound to you an undeserved sympathy, a feeling inferior to any other I have known. That, I fear.

But silence can also mean you appreciate the fact that you are you and I am me. This silence just affirms that we are already together as one, yet differently so. If words could mean I seek you as a friend, silence would just mean I accept your already being one. It is more than a relationship that binds illusion ever changing.

To me, you still mean every dimension.

And your silence, I still fear..