Sunday, August 20, 2006


How do I tell you what you mean to me?

Words fail me as I see darkness combine with its twin to form light. In your presence, I refind myself. I get from you my dose of strength and inspiration, solely due to which I write this, as I close my eyes and recollect those sleepless nights I spend wondering if I hold a place in your your heart. Those days, those nights..

Again, I fear I seek too much from Christ, for a place in your world is too much to ask for.

Wouldn't you like the care you offer, concern you display to be reciprocated? Give me a chance, to God I pray..

Irate, I dwell
Within these walls of stone,
Silent,I live, silent I die.
An epitome of hope,
You are to me,
My strength, my weakness,
Nay, I do not lie.

At the end of it all, I still cannot tell you what you mean to me. Well, its your fault you are perfect. Just work out what I try to express..

Disclamier : All characters and emotions involved in the article are purely ficticious.


Purab said...

do i sense you weakening slightly? why are you writing such emotional stuff? is blind love knocking at your doors?

iTs ME...?! said...

hi there.... its ME...?! again...
hmmm... well r u actually experiencing all this ???

i really appreciate ur style o there is a lot o mysticism induced into it...?!

i feel like something is brewing up??

iTs ME...?! said...

well there is already an update...??
guess u didn t see it... or probably i missed u...?? haha

anyways, me maintaining another page too... the link is there on ma page... the taste o salt...?!

have a look... b bye

Karry said...

I have to agree with Purab here.
I do not see weakining, but I do see a longing. Blind love, as he puts it.
Its clear in the words.

Cursed Soul said...

disclaimer : the characters and emotions mentioned are purely ficticious.

pourush said...

n god says:
I see u my dear. There is truth in your longing, and therez a longing in your what you feel.
Yes, you are welcome to my world. You are my world. Here, I present you with a playground. Here, I give you some toys to go with it. Have fun. And remember, I am, you.

GRAVY said...


suprit said...

very nice aks.. i just loved every part except the disclaimer..;) Hope u have found ur Mr.perfect by this time..:)