Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Tomorrow's tale

It will be tomorrow in some time. I should re-live usual monotony. I can only hope that the 'usual monotony' is atleast packed in an appealing package. Things would then be pleasant. I can probably exercise 1,18,622 neurons in the centre-right region of my cerebrum thinking what the package would contain, whether it would lead me away from clockwork tracks, offer a blissful retreat or impart a lesson or two that would change my life forever...

I'm afraid, that's just Part One. Unraveling the package would perhaps follow with a series of involuntary workout for the 1,18,622 neurons. Pleasant surprise, shock, heart break, disgust, euphoria. Just about anything. A fiasco of emotion, mental exhaustion and temporary sensuory paralysis. And then rolling incidents, placing myself back on track and pinching myself to accept the happenings as 'normal'. I may then dread to see another tomorrow, unravel another package and re-live another unexpected emotion, the weakling that I am.

No thanks. I'm content with the monotony. Bring it on!