Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Tomorrow's tale

It will be tomorrow in some time. I should re-live usual monotony. I can only hope that the 'usual monotony' is atleast packed in an appealing package. Things would then be pleasant. I can probably exercise 1,18,622 neurons in the centre-right region of my cerebrum thinking what the package would contain, whether it would lead me away from clockwork tracks, offer a blissful retreat or impart a lesson or two that would change my life forever...

I'm afraid, that's just Part One. Unraveling the package would perhaps follow with a series of involuntary workout for the 1,18,622 neurons. Pleasant surprise, shock, heart break, disgust, euphoria. Just about anything. A fiasco of emotion, mental exhaustion and temporary sensuory paralysis. And then rolling incidents, placing myself back on track and pinching myself to accept the happenings as 'normal'. I may then dread to see another tomorrow, unravel another package and re-live another unexpected emotion, the weakling that I am.

No thanks. I'm content with the monotony. Bring it on!


Prince Kazarelth said...

This world has nothing to offer to people like us. Except, maybe, the fact that we can write our thoughts down.

Kavya said...

If tomorrow is dreaded at the end of each day, it just ceases to become dreary,it turns into a monotony by itself.
I'd say there is a congestion of monotony in all our lives, but it comes in phases. The first 10 years of our life was monotonous, and so are the next 10 years. However, we are left thinking how good the previous phase was everytime a new one sets in.

Such is life :)

Prince Kazarelth said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Really appreciate it.
Why don't you update your blog?

pourush said...

the best day of my life was when there was no tomorrow - Kurt Cobain