Friday, January 04, 2008

Bystander at the lychgate

And He made me a river, a tempest, a tide,
Coerced to run, night and day,
I lash'd at rock, flooded thicket,
Ached for sedation, yearn'd parole.

Bystander at the lychgate, I see you sob
Beloved departed, crypted, cremated.
I reach out to you, take my arm,
Alas but I only am a swift tide of water.

I bargain with Him, 'Let me stop
For a moment of solace, a word, a pat;
To comfort him with an 'all will be well',
And then I shall resume my vault to the sea'.

Yet He said, 'Slow down, not halt,
And haul his tear to the sea.
I steer fate; you run, he weeps
For you are a river, he a lover'.


Sandy said...

God!! How do u write something so deep ,yet so beautiful! You are only eighteen!!! I just loved the second para. Brilliant!

Timber Da Wolf said...

an absolute beauty ...

J E E V Y said...

God! That was brilliant! :)
Loved it


Govil said...

Only one word for it.....Amazing!

Akshata said...

Thank you. :)

Kavya said...

A real touching poem you've got there,girl.Intricate in thought, and brilliant in composition :)

Arjun Bharadwaj said...

Miss GRE(Duh!?)!! :P
Must be tagged Arbit blabber 8)

abhijit said...

your the only blogger ive seen who can change the mood of ur literature without a trace!! really cool! totally opposite mood, compared to ur latest post. love ur vocab and ideas. keep it coming gal.

abhijit (frm facebook)

prakash said...

oh, this is serioulsy some gawd level poetry,,,

Arjun Bharadwaj said...

I share this guy's sentiment


Anonymous said...

does it come as an aftermath of being lovesick and getting hurt?? dont worry, its a wide world out there. you are sure to find your true love someday..superb levels of intensity..loved it!!keep writing dear gal.

guess who? ;-)

Akshata said...

No idea. Who?

And wrong. Is a different hurt altogether.. :)

Meghana Naidu said...

this is worded so well that i grinned with delight while reading it :)

the last verse is beautiful.
and the personification of the river takes on new meanings each time i read it.

more in this vein would only mean more delight :)

Praveen said...

A perfect 10.
My favourite. :)

Akshata said...