Saturday, December 08, 2012

Exacting Smartness

I texted you,
You Whatsapped back.
I posted on your Wall,
You pinged me on GTalk.
I pinged back on GTalk,
You Vibered me.
I buzzed you on Lync,
You mailed me on Yahoo.
I messaged you on FB,
You shared a post on G+.
I messaged you on Linked In,
You sent a talking parrot on Farmville.

 I invited you to an Outlook meeting,
You invited me to your Picasa album.
I pinned an interest,
You YouTubed yours.
I wrote this blog post
while you Tweeted.

It's time to throw away
this smartphone
and call home.
If you don't answer,
I'll see your light on,
cross the street
and knock on your door.


Adithi Gowda said...

Random Rant? :)

Akshatha Hegde said...

Not really..have a couple of friends who stay nearby and we haven't met up in years! Sucks..

Adithi Gowda said...

That's sad .. Go meet each one of them before its too late.. I have a list too.. Finishing up some chores.. Soon as that gets over ill be on a meeting spree.. I dont think some ppl even remember my face now :(

Pushkar said...

I like it!

Akshatha Hegde said...

Thanks, Pushkar. :)

Praveen Hegde said...

Modern Life. :D

Archita said...

Love it!

Merin said...

Oh, this is so true and unfortunate. Sadly, I don't see that changing for a lot of us.

Akshatha Hegde said...

Praveen: How's your "smart" phone doing? :P

Archita: Thanks. :)

Merin: Yeah man. :(

Pooja said...

Very aptly put.